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Other agencies tend to focus on marketing phraseology and pretty promises. We let our work do the talking.

Explore SEO

Few people know for certain what takes a website to page one, but there are golden rules, principles and processes we adhere to. Much of it has to do with quality content, technical expertise and, believe it or not — common sense.

  • Title optimization
  • metadata optimization
  • quality text content
  • use of keywords and phrases
  • complete technical website optimization
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Explore Design Concept

Design is Kaboom's name of the game. We strike the audiences' visual receptors in a way they can't recover and leave, but rather wish to stay longer, see more and shop more. Because beauty has no substitute.

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  • design concept development
  • meticulous typeface selection
  • colors and design language definition
  • rich use of in-house illustrations
  • animations for a full-frilled experience
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Explore Website / shop

Raising in popularity, Social is your business' media outlet. But it's not omnipotent — a website is still your showroom and marketplace, a place where bad stuff is filtered out and what's nice about you shines polished. Ready to sell your image or your products.

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  • impactful user experience
  • qualitative content
  • well-thought-out structure
  • latest, most efficient tech on the market
  • continuous support and updates
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Explore Mobile App

Apps help emerge the user in your business' universe: no distractions, no third-party ads, just your and your content only. They also help collect precious behavioral data, add value and deliver seamless and speedy user experience.

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  • deliver predefined content directly
  • speed up usage and efficiency
  • help gather useful user information
  • adapt seamlessly to any device
  • a take-anywhere, do-anything solution
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Explore Social Media

Social media is in its heyday. People are manifesting how they feel about anything. And that's when Kaboom comes into play — leaving people no choice but to post, share, express their love for your brand, product or image.

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  • online presence strategy development
  • shaping a striking, memorable image
  • drafting an annual activity-roadmap
  • taking over community communication
  • fine-tuning direction as-you-go
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Explore Pay Per Click

PPC stands for pay-per-click which is the way one promotes oneself over the web. Proven to be a powerful and cost-effective tool, it helps reach audiences with the precision no other media is capable of.

  • pinpoint targeting precision
  • unrivaled value for advertising money
  • trackable and measurable results
  • real-time content adjustments
  • A/B testing, remarketing and other tools
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Synergy at work

It is true some things work better when used together and establishing a solid web presence is one of them.

Think of your SEO, design, website/shop, mobile app, social media and ppc advertising as building blocks laid upon each other in inseparable unity. Only when intelligently planned and masterfully executed would these yield measurable results.

That is where Kaboom excels. We are not the kind of sweet-talking sales reps, but down-and-dirty professionals that are after nothing less than the best of what we are capable of (and that is quite something). Unconvinced? Request a free audit or talk to us directly here.

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